Johnson Wilson Constructors

About Us

Johnson-Wilson Constructors' Mission is to Construct Profitable Projects Safely and of the Highest Quality by being Trustworthy and Hardworking and by Empowering the People of this Organization to Identify Opportunities Which can be Utlilized for Success.

Succcess in the construction industry is based on Profitablity, Safety, Quality, and maintaining good relasionships with owners, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors.  Empowering employees, to  make decisions and allowing them to participate in the ownership is the backbone of this company. 

Core values

  • Safety: Superior Results through Proactive Engineering and Management, simply put "NO ONE GETS HURT"
  • Employees: Retain and Attract the Best by offering Opportunity & Quality of Life
  • Ethics; Honesty and integrity, Respect of others and Oneself
  • Communication: Open, Fair and Honest
  • Relationships: Long Term, Mutually Beneficial
  • Quality/Effectiveness: Done Right the First TIme
  • Profit: Earned through providing Exceptional Value
  • Attitute: Confident, Successful, Positive
  • Price: Best Value / Efficient / Competitive
  • Schedules: Completion on/ahead of Schedule
  • Innovation: Full Service Solutions Provider
  • Accountability
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Continual Improvement / Learning
  • Flawless Implementation & Execution
  • Hard Work
  • Team Work